We Got Funded!!


My new short film series project, DOMESTIC VICTORIES, has been fully funded on Kickstarter.

Thanks to all of you!!

The first two episodes are live now.

Watch Ep1 “Most Women” here

Watch Ep2 “You Are The Problem” here



Here’s the Kickstarter description:

Pat Hartley shines a light on the dark side of love.

Nobody gets dressed up to be abused. Yet most women are killed by someone they love. Hmmm.

Nobody goes to college to get attacked. Yet one in five female students is violated on campus.

Nobody wakes up hoping to be harmed. Yet, in the United States, a woman is assaulted or beaten every nine seconds.

These startling statistics serve as the jumping off point for Domestic Victories, a series of short films by Pat Hartley. Through stunning imagery inspired by her work in underground films, the stage, music videos and documentaries, Hartley tackles a challenging subject of our modern era – violence against women – and shines her experimental lens on this unfortunate reality. Domestic Victories is not a public service announcement; it’s an artistic exploration of the uncomfortable fact that the places where women are supposed to feel the safest are often the most dangerous.

Where there is no violence, there are no victims, only victories. Domestic Victories seeks to separate violence from love – and dispel the idea that the two are related in any way. By shining her unique light on a dark subject, Hartley (whose award-winning short film “Hung Up” was called “stylish and amusing” by The New York Times) is creating an anti-tragedy for our times, altering the storyline for women from victimized to victorious.

“Most Women,” the first film in the Domestic Victories series, has been shot, edited and is nearly finished. The funding raised on Kickstarter will pay for the final editing and the music rights for “Most Women” as well as the completion of two more films in the series. Funds will also be earmarked for film festival entry fees and screening opportunities as they arise. To keep costs to a minimum, Hartley plans to shoot the films entirely on the iPhone on location in New York City and edit her work on Final Cut at Apple 5th Avenue.

This is a come-as-you-are party; we’d love to have you join us. Your support at any level will be greatly appreciated.

Violence > Victim < Victory!



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